How to Build a Brand that Sells

I help busy business owners reach their professional goals while achieving balance in their personal lives. In my opinion, life is too short for those two NOT to go hand in hand.

When I work with clients, we take a holistic view of their business to implement a comprehensive strategy that lays the foundation for growth, sustainability, and success!

A key component in this?

Building a brand that sells.

I meet clients who are so laser-focused on the product or service they are selling, that they forget to create a story around their brand. Because at the end of the day, people don’t buy products. They buy ideas.

But what if I’m a solopreneur?

You need a brand.

What if the product I sell is ‘boring?’

Well, all the more reason to have a brand.

But where to begin?

Many business owners jump straight into the logos and colors, however building a brand that sells is so much more. I recommend that long before jumping into the visual identity, it’s crucial to answer these four aspects of your messaging.

  1. What is your Mission Statement? Your mission statement should fundamentally capture why you exist. This statement should be grounded in reality, free of fluff, and crystal-clear in portraying who you are.

  2. What is your Vision Statement? This is where you shoot for the moon. Your vision statement is your brand’s “future-focused goal,” AKA, the bigger picture. This is where you should be bold and big in your scope. Don’t be afraid to think big!

  3. Identify What Problem Do You Solve? In today’s fast-moving digital world, we rarely even have an “elevator” ride’s worth of time to present our brand pitch. That’s why I recommend being able to explain what problem your brand solves in two sentences or less. This is where the ideas and emotions come into play.

  4. Describe your brand as you would a person. Imagine your brand just walked into the room. Fully personify your brand. What is he/she wearing? How do they act? Is your brand even a person, or else an animal, a superhero, an alien? Being able to visualize your brand - as something even distinct from yourself - is crucial to being able to align your messaging and visual identities.

Putting together these fundamental building blocks will help inform everywhere your brand develops - whether on social media, through visuals, your website, etc.

What confuses you about creating a brand? If you’re wondering about how to take those next, crucial steps to build a business and a brand while achieving balance in your life, feel free to contact me.