Meet the Founder

Updated: Jul 22

Hey there! My name is Valinica Bennett and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Before I bombard you with my wide array of accomplishments and credentials, I want you to get to know who I truly am.

A Lens Into My Life

Above all else, I love to laugh—so much so that I’m usually left out of breath or with tears in my eyes. Sometimes, I can’t even get a joke out because I’m already laughing too hard. I’m an introvert by nature and I treasure my alone time, however I do always enjoy sharing a laugh with others when the opportunity presents itself. Along with my love for laughter lies my love for baking, although I may enjoy it a little too much! If freshly baked goods are left around me unattended, I have a tough time trying to ignore the beauty of my own work. Equally important, I enjoy remodeling homes alongside my husband and I’m not talking about buying new pillows, or changing wall colors, I’m talking about complete demolition. We find homes that have great potential and make them beautiful enough to reach it. And yes, we do all the work ourselves—watch out Chip and Joanna Gaines!

What I Believe

As a follower of Christ and an avid fan of the beautiful world surrounding us, I believe in treating others with love and compassion and consider it one of our great purposes in life. I hold myself to a high moral standard and am insistent on treating everyone I meet with the same level of respect and kindness, regardless of their title or socioeconomic status.

Natural Born Businesswoman

When asked the notorious question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was determined. From age three to my junior year of college, I proudly declared my dream life as a corporate lawyer. Of course, as life continued, my path changed but my passion did not. I knew from a young age that I loved business and have always been intrigued by the inner workings of it. As I continued down this path I always wondered how I could innovate within the space to where I could truly make an impact.

Leading with Empathy

With innovation in mind, I continued my journey and pursued a BS in Psychology to get a better grasp on human behavior since I had been fascinated by its direct correlation to workplace culture and have always been interested in what makes a company thrive. After combining that with my ability to inspire and treat others with respect, I have been able to achieve amazing accomplishments throughout my career. Through my leadership, I have successfully received employee satisfaction scores in the 99th percentile per Gallup, 99th percentile patient satisfaction scores per Press Ganey, developed countless process improvements and efficiencies, increased revenue in multiple areas, and so much more; all while surpassing the competition. I consider myself a business strategist because I am capable of helping any company find innovative solutions to improve. I am driven by my purpose to make an impact in the world by helping organizations create sustainable business models that last for years to come.