Six Pillars of a Savvy Business Strategy

Updated: May 31

In this day and age, managing your own business can flip on a dime, and when it does, you need to be ready. That’s why many entrepreneurs and business owners turn to business strategists to give them an edge in our ever-evolving world. However, choosing the right business coach is harder than it looks.

At Savvy Method, we prioritize the following key pillars: Marketing Strategy, Finances, Communications, Operations, Strategic Focus, and last but not least, Self Improvement. Our approach is tactical, yet unique. While many business strategists can help with things like finance and marketing, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic look at your business. The end result? Running the business you want without having to sacrifice your personal wellbeing.

Here’s what we consider to be six pillars of a Savvy Business Strategy:

1. We take your Marketing Strategy to the next level.

First, we compare digital marketing trends to traditional marketing tactics, to evaluate the most effective route for your business. Next, we identify your ideal target audience to cater brand messaging towards and build an identity around. Together, we will effectively chart a course to scale your business growth and increase your customer traffic.

2. We teach you how to be Financially Savvy.

Starting and organizing a business is hard enough, let us help you understand the bookkeeping basics. While you strive toward success, we’ll continue to review your finances to ensure you are making savvy financial decisions.

When working with Savvy Method we can help you complete the following:

  • Price your services/products accurately

  • Track your revenue and expenses

  • Analyze your profits and losses

  • Provide tax insights and educate on building your business credit

  • Review business lending options

3. We improve your Internal and External Communication.

At Savvy Method, we help you enhance your employee and customer experience to make our clients’ lives easier. Internally, we can help you develop efficient systems and processes to make hiring, onboarding, and evaluating workplace culture and performance much easier. Externally, we teach you the best ways to communicate, connect and manage relationships with customers and vendors. Our goal is to make sure you are targeting and surrounding yourself with the right people, all around.

4. We organize and optimize your Business Operations.

Running a business is one thing, understanding workplace management, and utilizing effective strategies is another. Let us offer our resources, skills, and knowledge so you can feel confident that your business will flourish.

Some of our services include:

  • Recommending the most effective management systems

  • Offering location research

  • Calculating hours of operation and workplace productivity

  • Recording workplace logistics and inventory

  • Organizing work schedules and product offerings

  • Providing contract guidance and project management

5. We help you envision all the things your business can be through Strategic Focus.

When running your company it is vital to know where you want to be. We help you gain a clear picture of your future goals and create action steps to help you get there. Where do you want your business to be in the next 1-5 years? At Savvy Method, we help you discover what you want and devise a plan to make it happen.

6. Last but not least, we prioritize our clients' Self-Improvement.

We are a company that values people as much as business strategy, which is why we make it our goal to leave long-term lessons with all of our clients. We help you live the life you want by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and finding your authentic self. At Savvy Method, we believe professional development comes hand-in-hand with personal growth.

These are just a few elements on the extensive list of perks that our clients experience when they choose Savvy Method as their business strategist.

While it’s easy to find a business coach, it’s nearly impossible to find a partner willing to take your life as seriously as your business’s success.